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Environment Engagement and Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion

Astellas has a common sets of values “Astellas Way” to guide us towards achieving One Astellas: Patient Focus, Ownership, Results, Openness and Integrity.


Open heart and mind, embracing differences and harnessing the power of each other.
This is one of the primary drivers for our innovation.
We believe that employees with diverse and unique values, experiences, careers, professions, perspectives and backgrounds can together promote our full potential.
In order for us to further nurture an organization where diverse talent can have open and even tough discussions to achieve our common goals, we have set and promoted Organizational Health Goals in Corporate Strategic Plan 2021 (CSP2021*) .
At Astellas, we believe Diversity, Equity and Inclusion promotes Engagement and is a criticle driver for innovation. We are conducting the Global Engagement Annual Survey to capture the voice of the employees globally as well as by region and division so we can take meaningful actions to enhance employee engagement. In Japan, we regularly provide opportunities for "reflection and dialogue" at Open Cafe where employees can connect and share thoughts, with the keyword "dialogue" as the foundation for fostering a culture of respecting differences.
We value the differences and uniqueness of all employees to create new value and innovation to serve our patients.
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  • Gender Equality

    We strive to create a workplace where all employees working at Astellas are empowered and engaged regardless of gender identity. We foster an organizational culture in which individuals and the organization can grow together and enrich both our work and life to fulfill the lives of each and every employee.
    We offer extensive systems, in particular, support of cohabitation at marriage, limited work location system, childcare leave and short hours work system that exceeds legal requirements, and paid paternity leave system for male employees. We are creating an environment that encourages our employees to fully utilize these systems by enriching contents on the intranet and holding events to raise awareness.
    To nurture a culture of openness, we hold "Open Cafe" both online and in person, as an opportunity for employees to network with each other. The Cafe is open to everyone, and is a regular opportunity to share concerns, meet role models, and think about their careers. Out top management also participate in these sessions to together promote a culture of openness.

  • Global

    Astellas has been expanding our business in more than 70 countries around the world and working on creating an environment where diverse employees can work comfortably and actively. In particular, we have harmonized the processes of talent management worldwide, including grade structure, job evaluation, recruitment, and human resource development, in order to realize "place the right person in the right position" on a global scale. In addition, we newly established “Organizational Health Goals” in Corporate Strategic Plan 2021(CSP 2021)*. The purpose of these goals is to nurture a corporate culture that aims at reaching ambitious goals by promoting innovation, optimizing our talent, and fostering collaboration, which enhances Astellas’ ability for execution.
    *For details, please visit the following website:

  • LGBTQ+

    At Astellas, we value all employees for who they are. We promote a culture that respects diverse sexualities, sexual orientations, and gender identities, and creates an environment in which all employees can feel safe to be their authentic selves to further create innovation. For example, we are holding workshops and panel discussions with LGBTQ+ employee panelists to foster understanding of the LGBTQ+ employee experience. In addition, starting with the FY2022 Global Engagement Annual Survey, we are expanding the options for sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to respect diverse sexualities and to understand the engagement of LGBTQ+ employees so that we can take necessary actions.

  • Disability

    Astellas aims to realize a workplace where everyone can work with enthusiasm regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, or disability. Astellas strives to provide an equal opportunity and fair employment and to promote the employment of people with disabilities. We develop various systems and working environments to ensure right conditions are in place for employees with disabilities so that they can play an active role. Currently, approximately 100 employees with disabilities are working in various divisions, including the head office, research laboratories, and production plants, while making the most of their full potential.