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New Graduate Recruitment

How can I obtain information about Astellas?

Please check the corporate website and the new graduate recruitment website. Please understand that we do not send materials individually.
(Corporate website: https://www.astellas.com/jp/)
(New graduate recruitment website: https://re-jp.astellas.com/jp/recruit/newgraduates/)

What is the contact information?

New Graduate Recruitment Group , Astellas Pharma Inc.
New Graduate Recruitment Counter email address:new_graduate@jp.astellas.com

How do I contact employees working at Astellas?

We do not introduce employees individually, but we do not impose any restrictions on personal contact. Employees may participate in recruitment events hosted by our company, so please make sure to check the details and participate.

What types of positions are you expecting to recruit for?

Please refer to the “Recruitment Guidelines” on the new graduate recruitment website for job openings.

Is the date for entering the company decided?

As a general rule, new graduates are hired on April 1.
For those who are planning to graduate from a foreign university, we will decide the date for entering the company after consulting with you based on the graduation month of the university you are currently attending.

Is it possible to apply for each type of job?

It is not possible to apply for both MR and scientific positions.
There are some scientific jobs that you can apply for at the same time, so please check at the time of job entry.

I have already graduated, can I apply?

You can apply within 3 years after graduation.
However, those who have work experience at other companies will be career recruits and cannot apply as new graduates.

I am a foreign exchange student, can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. Please refer to the “Recruitment Guidelines” on the new graduate recruitment website.

What training is carried out after entering the company?

After joining the company, all new employees undergo group training for about 10 days. After that, you will be assigned to your departments. The MRs will continue to receive training for approximately 1 year.

Career Recruitment

How do I apply as a career recruit?
What is the selection process?

Please apply from our company recruitment website. After you apply, there will be document screening and multiple interviews.

Are you recruiting for any positions other than those that appear on the website?

Please understand that we do not accept applications for positions not listed on this website.

Approximately how long is the selection period?

The standard is about 1 to 2 months, but the selection process varies depending on the situation of schedule adjustment and the position being applied for.

What is the contact information for Career Recruitment?

Astellas Pharma Inc.
Career Recruitment email address:astellas.recruit@jp.astellas.com


Can you tell me about the working environment?

We have established systems necessary for career advancement, such as maternity leave, childcare leave, and shorter working hours for childcare.
Childcare leave can be taken until the child turns “3 years old,” and the shorter working hours system can be used until the child reaches “the fourth grade of elementary school.” At Astellas, we have created an easy working environment for both men and women to actively participate.

What is the working style?

At Astellas, evaluation is based on the role and performance of each and every employee. We have introduced working hours systems that allow employees to work in a variety of ways, including a flextime system, an off-site work system, and a discretionary work system. Many employees are covered by these systems, which allow some discretion in how they work.
In FY2020, we abolished the core time of the flextime system and shifted to the super flextime system.

Can you tell me about carrier development at Astellas?

By increasing the freedom of job selection, we support employees who want to grow with Astellas to realize their dreams.
The “In-house Recruitment System” is a common global system that enables employees to take on challenges in a timely manner. Employees can apply at any time, and if the needs of the recruiting department meet the needs of the applicant, they will be transferred to that department. In addition, the “In-house Internship Program” is a career development support program that provides opportunities for employees to take on challenges in new fields and to realize their personal aspirations. All employees are invited to participate in the program, enabling them to take on the challenge of “an experience that widens the possibilities of career development” while performing their regular duties. Every year, we help our employees develop their careers by providing them with opportunities to express their hopes for career development.