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For the proper use of our medicines, medical representatives (MRs) visit medical institutions to collect and provide information of the company’s own products including safety and efficacy of the medication. MRs require broad and deep knowledge of our own medicines as well as those of competitors to be effective in delivering meaningful knowledge. Astellas provides in-house training, fully supported by relevant systems and staff to help MRs.


MRs fostering drugs

Transforming scientific progress into VALUE for patients is no easy task. Many years (approximately 10 to 20 years) and a lot of R & D costs are required to develop a new medicine. The probability that a candidate of new medicine is developed successfully and launched after succeeding in many rigorous trials is about one in 30,000, which is extremely low. In a nutshell, new drugs are finally launched after a long and tough journey with a large investment.
Medicines are highly effective but to work properly, they need to be used in a manner that is consistent with the clinical evidence supporting them, and they may not be effective if used inappropriately. That’s why information provision by MRs is very important. MRs communicate with healthcare professionals such as doctors and pharmacists as a representative of the company, and they provide information on the appropriate use of drugs. In addition to providing information, MRs also conduct other important activities, such as collecting information on adverse reactions to enhance drug information and communicating new information on drugs. Information accumulated by the company through information provision and collection activities provides important reference information for the improvement of drugs and the development of new drugs. The activities of MRs play a role in IKUYAKU.

What does “provision” of information mean?
MRs “provide” healthcare professionals with information regarding efficacy and safety, from the perspective of providing a balanced view of the benefits and risks.

What does “collection” of information mean?
MRs collect drug information regarding quality, efficacy, and safety, and side effects reported after launch and prescription. They update the company’s databases with this information helping build the total knowledge of the medicine.

What does “communication” of information mean?
MRs promptly and properly inform healthcare professionals of the company’s analysis and evaluation results on drug efficacy and safety information collected after product approval and marketing.

What does “ IKUYAKU” mean?
“IKUYAKU” is the process of increasing a product‘s VALUE by properly using the product, improving various aspects of medicine, and developing the new drug with information obtained after its launch.

Differences between MRs and sales staff in other industries

MRs can’t negotiate drug prices.
The main duties of MRs are providing, collecting, and communicating information on the quality, efficacy, and safety of drugs, and they do not negotiate the prices of drugs. The Marketing Specialist (MS) of the wholesaler oversees negotiating prices with medical institutions and pharmacies.

MR certification system.
The MR Certification System was established in 1997. Those who pass the examination conducted by the MR Certification Center can obtain MR certification.
The examination subjects are as follows:
(1) Drug information
(2) Disease and treatment
(3) General MR theory
Doctors, dentists, and pharmacists are exempt from (1) and (2).
The curriculum of the introductory training is designed so that everyone in Japan Commercial can pass the certification exam. As a result, graduates from various faculties are working as MRs all over Japan.

Delivering VALUE to all patients waiting for Astellas Pharma products

To increase VALUE for patients in the rapidly changing health care environment, Astellas MRs are always required to have up-to-date and accurate information and to provide it properly. In order for each MR to maintain a high level of expertise, it is necessary for them to proactively keep acquiring technical knowledge and skills. Therefore, in addition to the training that all MRs receive together, Astellas has introduced a learning system that they can use on their own with even a smartphone, and we are enhancing this system to support the acquisition of knowledge and skills suited to individual situations. In addition, new employees are provided with an introductory training program for one year after joining the company, in which they can learn the basics of being an Astellas MR.
On the other hand, in order to respond to the diverse needs of doctors and medical professionals and to continue to reliably provide the VALUE of drugs to patients, it is important to collaborate not only with highly specialized MRs but also with internal members including other divisions. Astellas is committed to delivering VALUE to all patients waiting for Astellas medicines by strengthening and collaborating the expertise of MRs with that of the employees who support their activities.