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Astellas WayWhat we value

As long as there are patients
who need new medications, we will
continue to respond in a flexible manner to
changes in the environment.
To this end, it is absolutely essential for each of us to
take on these challenges with an attention to speed.
The five messages ensure
our conviction of “Changing Tomorrow.”
These are the values shared by
all Astellas employees active around the world.

01 Patient Focus

Always ask,
“Do these decisions
and actions benefit patients?”


To enrich patients’ lives
Commercial & Marketing

The primary mission of medical representatives (MRs) is to enrich the future of patients. The desire to “deliver innovative drugs to patients in need as soon as possible” helped me refocus when I was overwhelmed by all the difficulties and helped resolve my self-centered impatience. The doctors were able to see this desire to do something “for the sake of the patient” and, later on, I received joyous reports from doctors that “the patient’s condition improved, and the patient was very pleased.” I learned that my activities contributed to the treatment of patients suffering from diseases, and I was able to realize my connection to patients. I will continue to carry out activities without forgetting our mission.

02 Ownership

Stay ahead of changes,
take ownership,

and keep up with challenges.


Collaborating Globally and Leading the Way in Clinical Development
Development Project Management, Project Management 2G
Takahiro Sato

I interpret ownership as taking the initiative to take the first step with a sense of ownership. It takes courage but I think that, by taking a step forward, we broaden our horizons and move to the next stage. I always try to have the team think about what we can do to make the studies go smoothly. By maintaining this awareness, we can quickly become aware of issues and small changes, and we can avoid losing time before taking the first step. Rather than waiting for someone else to do it, we want to be conscious of our immense responsibility as individuals involved in drug development and continue to take the lead.

03 Results

Avoid getting caught up in “precedents”
and focus instead on “results.”


Listening to Patients’ Voices Something That We Can Do As MRs
Sales Department Tokatsu Group Specialty Care Sales Division 2
Takuma Mizuno

I am very conscious of “acting with the future in mind.” By focusing on results we want in the future that have not yet been realized, we can think back on the process on how to get to that stage. In addition, by carefully assessing whether each of our daily activities leads to the results, we can clearly see our path. We may sometimes take the long way around, but I want to create a new image of MRs by constantly working towards getting “patients’ smiles” without being caught up in the conventional way of doing things.

04 Openness

Incorporate openness and
enable creativity through free
and open communication.


Utilizing diversity to improve my level
Pharmaceutical Technology
Narumi ASANO

Within the Process Chemistry Labs., we have researchers with backgrounds in organic synthetic chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, and safety engineering, and they often generate new ideas through discussions from different perspectives. In addition, since the Analytical Research Labs. that engages in the development of analytical methods for drug substances, and Astellas Pharma Tech that is responsible for the manufacture of drug substances are located within the same site, communication across departments is possible. We are thus making concerted efforts to achieve the goal of a stable supply of drugs while maintaining close contact and utilizing diverse perspectives and opinions.

05 Integrity

If there are doubts on what to do,
think back on “integrity.”
Integrity is the basis for all decisions.


Live in the moment,
focusing on the future
Gene Therapy Research and Technical Operations
Yukari koya

The more extensive a research study is, the less objective the results may become. For this reason, I am always conscious of focusing not only on our own hypotheses and subjectivity but also on negative perceptions and opinions, and interpreting results from every viewpoint. In addition, advances in science can bring new findings and perspectives. Thus, we should not be afraid to accept opinions and new perspectives that are different from our own, we should face the results honestly, and continue to engage in challenges in unknown areas based on definitive findings. I am constantly reminded every day that the entire company values focus on a sincere attitude toward science.