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Transforming to be a cutting-edge, VALUE-driven life science innovator "Continuously create innovation and deliver innovative healthcare solutions to patients."
This has been our unchanging stance since Astellas was founded. To contribute to the health of people around the world with cutting-edge and reliable pharmaceuticals,
At Astellas, we do not just accept the status quo, but rather take on the challenge of innovating ourselves toward the future to create new value.
Here, we would like to introduce you to introduce you to innovation at Astellas, our strength and lifeline that we continue to create on a daily basis.

On the forefront of healthcare change to
turn innovative science into VALUE for patients

Research and Development strategies for I developing innovation treatments

Focus Area Approach

Our Focus Area Approach is defined as a combination of three components: (1) biologies with high disease relevance, (2) versatile modalities/technologies, and (3) diseases with high unmet medical needs that are expected to be tackled by the first two components.
We view this strategy as a way to build a sustainable, expandable drug discovery approach to develop new platforms, leverage expertise and create innovative products.

New healthcare solutions beyond medicine


We are developing a business that leverages the expertise and knowledge of Astellas cultivated through its prescription drug (Rx) business, and that integrates cutting-edge medical technology with advanced technology from different fields, to contribute to patients over the entire patient journey (overall medical care, including diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, and prognostic care)

Strategic and long-term collaboration with a wide range of partners

Open Innovation

To deliver VALUE for patients, we are looking to build partnerships with ambitious organizations that share our VISION to deliver VALUE for patients and are willing to step into the unknown to accelerate the development of innovative therapies so that we can extend and improve lives.

Digital innovation to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients.


Astellas' DX (digital transformation) vision is to "become a world-class intelligent enterprise that accelerates digital transformation to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients.”
Astellas strives to maximize VALUE for patients by implementing DX throughout the value chain—including research, development, manufacturing, commercial / marketing, and corporate functions.

Source of innovation created by Astellas

Patient centricity

Astellas’ patient centricity vision—to support the development of innovative health solutions through a deep understanding of the patient experience, medical needs, and behavioral drivers of care—is not just a convenient statement.

Results generated by innovation

Major pipeline (number of programs)

Major pipeline (number of programs)

Rx : Prescription drugs

Rx+® : New healthcare solutions with technology and knowledge from different fields
(For the year ended March 2023; only for Astellas Pharma Inc.)

Revenue growth and composition ratio changes

Revenue growth and composition ratio changes

R&D Expenses

R&D Expenses