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Team 3, Hiroshima Group, Specialty Care Sales Unit 4, Japan Commercial Kotomi Hamamoto

Proper use of product promotion and a quick response leads to trust building with HCPs

I joined Astellas in 2008, the 4th year after it was established. During my job hunting, I fully understood that Astellas is a “company that sincerely respects each employee” and provides an “environment where employees can work for a long period of time,” which made me decide to work at Astellas.

After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy, I started my career as an MR (Medical Representative) and was in charge of GPs in Tokyo. I was responsible for not only responding to problems doctors faced and delivering our beneficial medicines to patients, but also for achieving sales targets that contribute to the organization’s growth from a business standpoint. I crumbled under pressure and cried in disappointment, but my teammates, senior colleagues, and superiors always gave me a helping hand. They gave me a variety of advice, pointing out my inadequate market analysis and lack of skills for communication with healthcare professionals, so I learned what I needed to work on and made use of this advice for my business style.

My turning point was being assigned an important role called “product supporter” in my sales office. This role enabled me to ponder what contributions I could make to the organization from a wider perspective by considering how to promote new products not only by myself but also with the entire Sales Office. Although my role had a great responsibility, I was able to attain my goal after holding discussions with my superior, who told me that he/she would answer all my questions, and receiving feedback from many senior colleagues and teammates. This was an extremely valuable experience for me.
“Delivering new drugs to patients fast” gives me a sense of satisfaction as an Astellas MR.

Astellas employees engaged in cutting edge research and development experience the joy of handling new drugs, and the value of MRs is properly delivering information about these new products to HCPs and delivering the products to patients. At the same time, we also have an important role to play in promoting drugs after their release. We ask doctors to provide us with as much information as possible, such as side effects, and share such information quickly within the company to make use of it for other drug candidates.
To accumulate experience in my 20’s, I requested to be in charge of large hospitals.

My duties differ from those of an MR in charge of practitioners, and I am taking up a new challenge with more responsibility. Since I stay in the hospital for a long time, I have the chance to see inpatients and patients transferred to the hospital. Each time I see such patients, I really believe that “we can always change their future.” To that end, I will perform my job as an MR with proper use of product promotion and a quicker response.

Making my future brighter, too

MRs contribute to the organization from a sales point of view; however, the most important thing is to contribute to patients’ treatment and make their future brighter. The working environment is also very important in pursuing this mission.
Astellas provides a good working environment where each employee can work for a long period of time and develop his/her abilities.

It is important to make full use of such opportunities.
Astellas is an ideal company when you want to develop your capabilities and work with high motivation.

Of course, I admit that the presence of senior colleagues and teammates who always provide support is significant, and the company’s support systems also mean a lot.
Team leaders are among the key people who train junior MRs;
I learned from my senior colleagues that proper use of product promotion and a quick response are directly linked to trust building with HCPs, and I am able to make use of this in my current job.

In addition, we have a lot of opportunities, including the “Job Challenge Program,” which we can use as an opportunity to proceed to the next career step, and regular “Career Design Interviews.” I believe that the slogan “We can change tomorrow” is a message to make patients’ futures, as well as my own, brighter and better.

Astellas is friendly to both male and female employees who work for a long period of time

There are many opportunities, such as well-designed training and the Job Challenge program, for Astellas employees to develop their capabilities so that they can realize their career design.
The number of MRs working for a short time due to childcare is increasing, and the environment for women empowerment is also being enhanced.

The idea of “Positive Off” has become widespread to provide a more pleasant working environment so that Astellas employees can continue to enjoy their work (i.e., they can take planned paid holidays).

Since Astellas employees can secure their private time, we are able to spend our time on studies and hobbies. This also helps us to develop our capabilities, leading to better work performance.

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