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Education and training system

Introductory training (new MR development programs) and AGP*
*MR Medical Representatives

Education and training system

About the Training System for Growth as an Astellas MR

In addition to the Astellas Growth Program (AGP), Astellas offers an introductory training program (New MR Development Program) in order to encourage people from all backgrounds, including liberal arts, sciences, and pharmaceuticals, to be Astellas MRs.

Introductory Training (New MR Development Program)
This training is required by the MR Certification Center for the purpose of cultivating and acquiring the qualities necessary to become an MR after joining the company.
Astellas provides a full curriculum. Specifically, the training consists of group training, which combines classroom lectures and group work, and on-the-job training.
This training program emphasizes the importance of a self-directed and autonomous attitude toward learning. This autonomous attitude to learn on one's own is always important in subsequent training and career development at Astellas.

The main aspects of the introductory training are as follows
• Acquisition of knowledge about medicine, pharmacology, and the medical system
• Acquisition of knowledge about products and diseases
• Output training
• Ethics and manners training
• On-the-job training (accompanying experienced MRs to visit customers, etc.)

MR certification exam preparation
To prepare for the MR certification exam, which is scheduled to be taken in the first year of employment, Astellas has established a careful backup system to ensure that all employees pass. As a result of this extensive preparation. Astellas maintains one of the highest pass rates in the industry.